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Holloween Festival

Hello hyep annayonghesayo peeps..so long not been seen me rite? Hohoho lately ni buzy sngat meyh..too much study activity that stolen my blogging tyme..so sad T.T huhuhu..mesty dah ada yg rindu I ni kan..haha perah santan sngat ^..^ .

Ohkayh ohkay let proceed… because I had attend the super duper ohsemmm nuffnag activity so then I think I had to update my blog yang dah berhabuk hapak ni ha…seterusnya try to win something that nuffnang offered..haha ni bukan tujuan asal I post benda alah ni ha..mmg i dah pikir malam event tu to update blog yang dh mcm berkabung ni ha…ok intro too much too long kan..ok party yang ila attend yang nuffnang create is #GSCHorrorFest sempena Hollowen day!

The most event that I had dream since small…auchhh ! thank you very much much Nuffnag! Churp churp ! and GSC for this Super Triple Duper Ohsem Event… you all do a very good Job..big Muah muah from me..seriously enjoy so much much…Kehebatan kamu semua! Over angat I ^..^ haha
To those who love much much Horrow film sorry to say u have lose a great event ever..haha. But don’t worry I had heard that yang they will do again for next year..quickly! save the date! Free your time on hollowen month.If there your rezeki to be there it must be so great!
First, the best thing is EVERYTHING IS FREE! Just need to spend for transportation to be there. Yang I attend ni GSC dekat One Utama..so cincai cincai dalam RM 25 jugak perabis. Tapi serius sngat sangat berbaloi. Okayh bawah ni Movies that we got for the GSCHorrowFest..

Movie Marathon - Steven v2

Yes! It a 3 free movie ticket and it a marathon movie! Great kan and someone had said to me “SO CRAZY LAH SEMUA NIH!” haha..whatever lah as long I really enjoy it. And the most thing why so many my uni mate member said I’m so crazy is tomorrow morning we had exam..haha gila kan i? actually I hampir2 nak burn je but I think I will have a great regret and last2 I pergi juga last minit. This what I wanna to be when there but last sampai sana there already makeup booth so I tak jadi lah being like this…
1st option preparation

2nd preparation *and my friend chose this and i agreed to be there with this*

this i be at there T.T *muka tak puas hati*

And here I am after makeup..haha seriously after make up my mood fly away..so moody lah..the reason is the girl who paint this said she will make me look scary and I'm so exciting to see the result..but then I found myself changing to Johnny Depp female version. So steghesss! Sherammm sangat kak oii..mmg hilang lah mood..haishhh..then elok elok after my make up finish we are called to get in the hall..ok we’re in hall 2 #nuffnang place..while the churpies in hall 3..ok I’m so jelous with their photo time..the take picture with all ghosts’ but us only us..okeyh so UNFAIR tsktsk T.T

nuffnag hall *spot me.yeah!*

churpies hall *okeyh amat-amat jelous!*

When I entered in movie hall..oh okeyh forget to imaging the place to all of you..ok the place had been crowded with all people there look like ghost by makeup effect and organizer had hire a few people being ghost..and they had do a great job by acting like a really ghost..Seriously they bring the character so real. And the GSC employee is in ghost makeup too..so the event is so alive! Sampai kawan yg I bawak nearly to cry when the ghost come and test her. Sian amat amat! Ok sambung cerita when I come in the hall..the worker try to test me with the boo sound and their scaryface..ok they got wrong timing..i baru habis moody with my makeup…with selamba badak..i look at them and said “tak takut pun lah” with serious face..haha.then they covered “eleh..sapa nak takutkan..saje je” haha ini semua angkara tukang make up tu. Salahkan beliau! Haishhh my mind in that time just thinking to bite bite her je…haishh sakit hati mak ni ha…grrrr

nuffnag hall *the night it was our's!jyeah.VVIP sngat!*

our emcee

in hall *seat depan T.T*

so clearly to watch them *seat depan kan -..-!*

the wave of blogger and nuffnag's *owhkayyy ramai tkmasuk lg*

This thing what I got while registration..great rite? 

it a candy! and it so delicious *yummy!*

what i got at the night

so exciting after get the passes

And we got free popcorn and mineral water..actually we had arrive so late in 6:30pm and the event started in 5:00pm so we had miss dinner that they hve served for us..and ini je I sempat cekau while waiting for makeup turn. Cupcake pun jadilah lah kan.

cupcake yg sempat dicekau!

my popcorn and mineral water i got

Here the dinner that we miss out..and this photo I stole from other..rugi sngat sebab sampai lambat..it all traffic jam fault..Hating it too much! urhhghhh

eyes from fish ball *so yummy!*

 Nah! Picture of me with the ghost yang sempat I amik. *ghost2 lain merayap , can't catch 'em*

rigor mortis ghost

2nd sight ghost maybe? haha kompius den

 This the decorate for the event to look more alive..

in front of door in rigor mortis haunted house

docoration haunted place

insidious 2 look a like in the house movie

And thist event end it 2:ooam…and i enjoy so much..and tomorrow morning while in hall examination..of course my head only thinking the event.. and my mind so zero..haha nak sngat pergi festival hantu amiklah dgn kepala hantu…haha 

angain! NUFFNAG , CHURPIES , GSC you all done so great job... Stay cool with the coolest event..thank so much.. Really enjoy that night =)

For those yang tak join and berminat to watch this three movie..here some great thing u can get if you going to watch the movie: 

  • The first 50 customers daily will receive a free Surprise Box with every 2 tickets purchased

  • This promotion is only valid for any of these 3 movies: Rigor Mortis, Carrie and The Second Sight

  • The promo period is from 26th of October 2013 to 10th of November 2013

  • Correct GSC_SpookTober_PromotionOffer_580x920px

    good luck..and have fun!

    wahai tuhanku ampuni lah dosa kami , kedua ibubapa kami , dan seluruh umat islam serta selamatkan bumi palestin..amin... dah habis doa ? jom komen, follow ^_^

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